Paul met Linda on the 15th of May 1967

Jimi H. played on the 25th of November 1966

The Bag O’Nails has been filling the air with music for almost a century. Starting off as a jazz venue in the late 1920s and on through WW2, the venue also hosted the Downbeat Club in the late 40s. When the jazz ended, however, the club transformed itself and became one of the most important meeting places of the Swinging Sixties.

It was at the Bag O’Nails that the Jimi Hendrix Experience were first showcased in front of the elite of the British music scene. Eric Clapton was there, along with Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page, and Pete Townshend, so, too, were various Beatles & Stones. It was a performance that altered rock history in more ways than one; according to Roger Taylor, of Queen, in the audience was a certain Freddie Bulsara who was so inspired that he decided to concentrate on music instead of art (and who later changed his name to Mercury, of course).

The club, however, wasn’t just about great music, it was a place to hang out, have fun, or just to relax amongst like-minded friends. It’s here that Paul McCartney first met Linda Eastman, the love of his life and future wife. Here, too, John McVie got to know Christine Perfect who took his name when they married and joined him in Fleetwood Mac.

In the seventies, the club transformed into The Miranda Club, an exclusive private members club, and in 2013, with a new vision of the future and a respectful eye for the past, the club reclaimed its name and became the Bag O’Nails that you find here now: a premier private members club with top-of-the-range karaoke and live performances.


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