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sample Food menu

Red ‘chicoree’ salad with (testun al Barolo) cheese & a Saba wine dressing
Fresh ‘burrata’ cheese with cherry tomato & fresh basil
Slow roast shoulder of lamb served with mash potato
‘Bresaola della Valtelina’ served with extra virgin olive oil & Amaifi lemon juice
‘Parmigiana di melanzane’
Salad of lamb with mixed vegetables
Selection of cured meats from Trentino Alto Adige
Salmon Tartare with Asparagus
sample Cocktails
Moscow Mule

With pure, clean vodka, spicy ginger and zingy lime, the Moscow Mule cocktail sparked the vodka craze of the 1950s and the popularity of this great white spirit ever since.

Slow Comfortable Screw

A screwdriver with vodka, sloe gin, southern comfort & orange juice. Fruity & fairly sweet.


Traditional Caribbean cocktail made with white rum, soda water, fresh lime, mint sprigs & brown sugar. Its combination of sweetness, refreshing citrus & mint flavors is intended to complement the potent kick of the rum.

White Russian

Grey Goose vodka, Illy Liqueur & double cream. Great after dinner cocktail.

Long Island

An unusual blend of vodka, gin, tequila, rum and orange liqueur with cola, the Long Island Iced Tea flavors of vanilla and lightly tannic wood make it taste a little like tea, but in fact they come from a mix of quality aged spirits.

digustate history

It is only fitting that a club whose name derives from that of a devolved follower of Bacchus should have a superb and extensive wine cellar. Our Sommeliers are constantly on the hunt for the finest vintages from the most renowed producers around the world. We strive only to stock the best champagnes, the most satisfying reds, the most sublime whites and you can be confident there will be something to caress your palate available. Of course, if you have the sudden desire for a specific cru from a particular terroir, our team will do their utmost to source it for you through their extensive contacts in the elite wine trade

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